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State coverage: Nyanda fired when she refused multiple invitations to Guptas


Former Minister of Communications Sipiwhe Nyanda told the country's State Commission of Inquiry that he was fired after he refused to respect the invitation to meet with the Gupta family.

Nyanda, who was head of the ANK's Liberation Army Staff, uMkhonto weSizwe, was the second witness who testified about the appointment and dismissal of ministers on Thursday.

He told the committee's chairman, deputy Supreme Court judge Raymond Zondu, that he had met Gupta's brother in his office and was accompanied by Duduzane's son, former President Jacob Zuma.

The family was accused of plundering the country with its close relationship with the former president and overseeing some of its decisions, including the appointment of members of its executive body and operations at state-owned companies.

Nyanda told the commission that after his first meeting with Gupta, he will receive messages from "Members" who will be asked to meet with his family.

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"It was very strange to me when they met to see me. I offered them respect to see me. They did this through my office. I did not understand why other people who were not part of my office would want me to see them, "Nyanda said.

Although he refused to name them from Guptas, Nyanda said that he understood that the family knew that he was close to these specific people, and told them that they would forward their wishes to the former minister.

"I did not suspect anything because there were many people who wanted to see me privately, but I always insisted it was in my office," he explained.

Nyanda, who was only 18 months minister, was withdrawn during the government's reconstruction in October 2010.

He also told the Commission that he received a call from someone from the Bureau when he was on a trip to Durban and asked him to meet Zuma, followed by a call from the then President to inform him that the ANC officials had decided to redistribute it. to Germany.

Nyanda said when he refused to do so and decided to work in Parliament, and he tried to find out ANC officials what he did wrong.

"I heard rumors that I will be removed, but I did not believe them, as overall stability in portfolios was below my watch," Nyanda said.

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Earlier, he confirmed the testimony of former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel that he was the former minister and now the ANC election leader Fikila Mbalula was upset when he realized that Gupta would appoint him as the minister.

"For me, it was surprising that Mbalula did this remarkable revelation, which was a criticism of the way he was informed of his impending appointment, in other words, it disturbed him," Nyanda said.

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