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Seth Rollins says that the reactions of the fans, Rean Rex, caused him to invest money

At WrestleMania 35 in April, Seth Rollins could get to a full circle if Brock Lesnar could be discouraged and won the biggest prize on Monday evening at RAW – Universal Championship.

Plans could be quite different for both Kingslayer and the universal championship when Roman Reigns eliminated the disease from action.


The possibility of returning the UFC from the Beast was postponed and now it is expected that it will finally win the title of the favorite in Roland's favorite, when two will fight on the Grandest Stage Them All.

Recently, the former champion Intercontinental spoke to Edge and Christian on E & C's Awesomeness floor, where they discussed a number of topics, ranging from Rollins' time to WWE to a number of revolutions that took place for The Shield.

During the interview, Rollins showed that he had put the idea to John Price, who Bastard the star did not hate it. That idea? Payment of money in the briefcase of the Bank in the main event WrestleMania 31, where Big Dog challenged Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

Rollins explained that this was the idea Triple H had before, and was actually on the table as a sort of plan for unpredictable events, especially since Rollins was aware of the reaction Reigns received from the WWE Universe.


According to Ringside News, Rollins said: "The crowd worked what they did with Roman, and I just saw that – I felt this thing, that energy.

"I saw him coming. I knew that they would somehow run over him when he won on Rumble, and both of them and I remember the next day, and again had a conversation with Hunter, because I was thinking of the end of the year.

"I just wanted to remind him that his idea was on the table and I think it's very good. Even if it's not an idea, it could be a contingency plan if the WrestleMania main event does not go together, as you see it.


"So, even in your head … I imagined the idea, and I felt so great that it was good and I felt like I was a boy, and again I went to them and said," I want a ball, "you know? "

Rollins' idea proved to be a fantastic proposal with which the WWE ended.

The fans did not want to see Reigns at the time being a champion, and it was not a game to be happy.

WWE has taken good care of making money in secret, especially because Rollins was defeated by Randy Orton earlier in the evening with it empathetic RKO and everything worked great.

No one saw the end, the fans were stunned, and although they were fifth, they had WWE Champion supporters who could get them on board.

What do you think Seth Rollins set up the idea of ​​his WrestleMania 31 money in a cash box with cash at John Cena and Triple H? Give your opinion in the comments section below.

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