Scott Disick sends Kourtney Kardashian a message to Sweet Bday


Almost time to celebrate! Kourtney Kardashian On April 18th he turns 40 years old, and on his birthday, he wishes to have a birthday. Scott Disick They talked about how much they appreciated their former and the family they were bringing together. Another year old, another year of parental goals.

"Happy Mom, Happy 40", said the 36-year-old in memory of his birthday, published by E !, which contained some of the Keep pace with the Kardashian family cast. "We wish you another lucky 40 coming. Keep up the good work. " Kim in Khloé Kardashian you can also see in a video that shares some funny stories about their older sister.

In the background, it is possible to hear the daughter of Pen, Penelope, in the background, who says: "It looks like a child," which is why Scott wrote: "And you look very young, [Penelope] he says. "A six-year-old boy prayed:" You look like a one-year-old. «

Joke to the side, Father three wanted his baby to know that the whole family was grateful for her. He continued to sit with his oldest son Mason: "We love you so much. We appreciate everything you do and do for us, "he stressed. "You are a wonderful, wonderful mom … everything is great about you, Mom."

Although they have completed their nine-year relationship for two years, they have remained extremely close and are working hard to have three parents – Masona, 9, Penelope, 6 and Reign, 4. However, they spend so a lot of time together that fans often wonder if the romance is really dead between them. "Many people believe that they are destined again," he said exclusively Life and style.

Ever since they had split, Kourtney sunk his fingers back into the dating database and had a two-year relationship with a 25-year-old model Younes Bendyima. "Hot links with other guys were only more appreciated," the source continued. Even though she "had a good time at the playground," she says that "after all, Scott is the father of her children" and "the only one she really got."


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