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Samsung Galaxy S9 updates do not fix the biggest problems with this phone

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 was certainly an iterative upgrade to the S8 (Image: Samsung)

The Galaxy S9, released at the beginning of last year, was definitely a recurring improvement compared to the Galaxy S8, rather than a significant update due to a similar design and feature set.

This was certainly part of the reason why the phone did not meet sales expectations.

In fact, last year, many analysts wanted to insist that the Galaxy S9 was difficult to introduce Android fans with enough essential options to upgrade.

Roberta Cozza, an analyst for Gartner's technology consulting company, told the BBC: "This is an exceptional phone, but I do not think there was enough differentiation.

Differentiation today comes from generating convincing experience and I think that Samsung has not done enough in this area yet.

"For example, Bixby was not a success he hoped for."

In the meantime, another analyst, Ben Stanton, warned of increased competition as a reason for the limited success of the Galaxy S9.

In July, he said: "What has changed over the last 18 months is that the speed of commodification has become much faster, depending on the speed at which it is possible to copy the specifications and design characteristics from one brand to another.

"When the Galaxy S8 was launched in 2017, this was a pioneering product and nothing looked like that.

"Now there is a flood of devices that are very similar and sometimes cheaper."

It seems that Samsung's One UI way to South Korean OEM is to differentiate its products further.

However, believes that the new software did not adore enough new features or competition to compete in order to be attractive.

Here is our list of collected all that missing one user interface:

Camera enhancements

Smartphone photography is so much about a large camera software such as the hardware itself.

This statement proves the success of Google's Pixel 3, which takes advantage of the smart technologies for enterprise-class learning that provide incredible footage.

In addition, the software on the phone provides features such as Night Sight, which are not only innovative, but truly revolutionary.

Night Sight and similar modes are present on Google, Huawei, OPPO, OnePlus, Xiaomi and more.

Samsung Galaxy S9 update believes that one user interface has not introduced Samsong fans with enough new features (Image: Samsung)

Samsung's line of smartphones is currently without such technology.

While one user interface changed the look and feel of using the camera on the Galaxy S9, it ultimately failed to introduce any essential new features, such as the way to shoot better quality in poor lighting conditions.

Last year, it was said that Samsung was working on the Night Sight, dubbed "Bright Night", to be introduced by the Galaxy S10.

However, such software included in One UI could dramatically improve the performance of the Galaxy S9 in low light conditions, in an area where it simply can not compete with Google and Huawei offers.

Samsung Galaxy S9 update

Samsun's smartphone line is still without a night mode for its cameras (Image: Express Newspapers)

The same software problems remain

While One UI delivers a modern transformation of both icons and applications, it does not solve the two biggest problems with Samsung phones; a distinct lack of a traditional application drawer and a litany of dual applications.

One of the best features of Android has been handed over to sign applications that enable fans to easily find software because of their alphabetical distribution.

However, another user interface still allows users to place their icons on several different home screens.

This means that it's difficult to quickly find something if you do not remember the order of the applications.

In contrast, devices from similar Honor and Huawei offer Android enthusiasts an app drawer with an alphabet list on the right that allows for fast navigation.

Samsung Galaxy S9 update

One user interface brings a modern transformation of icons and applications (Image: Samsung)

Samsun's iterative hardware can not be changed

While One UI improves the user experience of Samsung in general, this does not change the fact that the Galaxy S9 is certainly an iterative piece of hardware that does not have many features present on more modern leading.

The Galaxy S9 has surpassed the Huawei P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro and more in the camera section since its first performance and was compared to cheaper leading-edge models in pure demonstrations that also offer more intuitive software such as OnePlus 6T.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung seems to have planned to present in the future a number of attractive features that should be disclosed on February 20th.

Rumors and leaks have shown that standard and "+" hardware versions will delight three cams on the back that will have all the screens with holes and enable faster operation of the fans.

However, official device details will not be released later this month and will definitely not improve the hardware available on the S9.

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