Saturday , September 18 2021

Red Dead Online is taken over by horses

Red Dead Online’s latest update, Blood Money, seems to have added an unexpected bug to the game – rogue horses running endlessly while causing chaos, or appearing dead in random parts of the game world.

As Kotaku reports, the Blood Money update is only minor, adding new multi-level slave missions and a new Outlaw permit to be upgraded, but players soon began to notice that the aforementioned horses are behaving rather strangely. Even more unusual is that these horses are owned by players, as many sport beautiful saddles and accessories.

Some players even report finding clones of their own horses in the middle of an RDO map. In another case, one of the actor’s horses, which was very similar to Fat Albert, saved him from descending the hill to his death.

Why is this happening? Some theories point to a flaw involving barns in the game. When you enter the barn, you may sometimes notice that you run out of horses during the final scene. Other theorists argue that something could be done when players leave horses unattended when they are disconnected.

Either way, these renegade horses will most likely be removed from the RDO soon, but their stamp in the game world will live on forever.

Red Dead Online Glitch Screenshots

With a game as big as Red Dead Online, mistakes are sure to happen. In 2019, we spoke to a group of players who were trying to test the limitations of the game and break into completely new RDO regions. Video games are wonderful, right?

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