"Protect me from yourself," the head of SARS, who heads the CCMA head


The South African Tax Service (SARS) IT Manager Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane, "Protect Yourself", turned to the Commission for Reconciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

In the CCMA filing form that News24 has seen, Makhekhe-Mokhuane states: "At the moment, I'm being harassed to accept divorce without accusing me.

"The employer took me to a discretionary leave since January 14, when I had to return to work.

"The employer sent me back home and said that I need to think about mutual separation. Since then, I was not informed what the basis for mutual separation is. If I do not accept divorce, I would face disciplinary measures.

"That's why the employer has already found that I should not be allowed to return to work after his many letters in this regard," she argued.

"Friendly mutual separation"

The sources close to Makhekhe-Mokhuana say that the tax authority offered a four-month settlement that rejected it.

News24 understands that she has shown that she wants to go back to work and that she will fight to keep her job.

Makhekhe-Mokhuane has been at home since October last year at "discretionary leave".

He claims that he does not know whether he was suspended until a disciplinary inquiry is instituted against him.

When News24 contacted SARS for comment, the tax authority said: "Please be kindly noted that in accordance with SARS's personnel policies and practices, internal processes and information related to employees [are] between the organization and its employees are considered confidential and are therefore not discussed or disclosed in the public domain. "

News24 saw a letter sent by his lawyers to Acting Commissioner Mark Kingon.

In a letter, Makhekhe-Mokhuane asked whether it was suspended or if it had been investigated for any violation.

Kingon recently replied that she had asked her to consider discussing "friendly mutual unbundling" and that SARS could not allow it to return to work.

"If the parties do not agree with mutual unbundling, SARS will serve your party with a disciplinary indictment and will continue disciplinary action," he wrote in his response.

"Consequently, SARS rejects your client's offer to return to work. It is required (and if it refuses to fulfill the request, we are ordered to stay on leave until the discussion on mutual separation or disciplinary proceedings has been completed and a discussion has been reached."

He also said employees in digital information services and technology opposed Makhekhe-Mokhuane returning to work because of "the reputation of SARS and the professional harm they suffered for success in the interview."

In October last year, South Africans responded with rage and mistrust when a video of Makhekhe-Mokhuana, who spoke with Sakina Kamwenda in the morning of the day, became viral.

At some point, Kamwendo asked what needs to be done to improve the IT infrastructure of the tax authority. Makhekhe-Mokhuane replied, "Ma'am, can you give me protection from myself?" Kamwendo and others in the studio laugh at her comment.

"Protect me from you" – a bizarre TV interview SARS IT head is viral

City Press also reported the confused comments she made during the hearing of Nugent's inquiry commission regarding the tax service in October last year.

When offered the opportunity to review the records that apparently indicate that she did not attend numerous SARS meetings, she responded: "I have a very rare eye disease, but try."

The newspaper also reported that when asked to explain what she said in the affidavit, the confusion arose when she indicated the date of the founding of the Drakensberg boys' assembly and later abandoned the analogy.

In a letter to Kingon, lawyer Makhekhe-Mokhuane Moeketsi Thebe Raselo of MT Raselo Incorporated said that when his party appeared in Morning Live, questions were asked about things she did not know and / or did not share in what should discuss it with her.

"Simply put, our party was busy with issues she could not properly think about, and she is expected to respond to the site.

"Obviously, given the fact that the program was alive, our party was embarrassed to respond to these issues."

Raselo said when Makhekhe-Mokhuane appeared before the Nugent investigation that she was "surprised" that she was asked about the various meetings that were allegedly not present.

The lawyer accused Nugent of investigating to show his client as an "incompetent leader".


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