Never before have I watched "The Throne Games"? Let's explain this to you before the last season!


New York – Seven seasons, you ignored the bait Game of Thrones. A multiple reward did not attract you. Your friends who have been discussing bandages on social media have not moved you. "Is Jon Snow really dead?" the story was not enough; nor "Hold the door!" memes have raised enough interest.

But now, here you are, when the final season of the day is from the beginning, finally ready to sink into. Since you do not have the time (or probably stamina) for binge to watch the last 67 episodes, here's what you need to know to follow along with the minimum understanding when starting the eighth season.

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Game of Thrones is a family affair, with several large houses that love, fight, complicate, and deal with the iron throne, the final power in Westeros. (Some like something a little more than normal – for example, a distorted affair between brothers and sisters Jaime and Cersei Lannister).

At the heart of the story are three families:


The series began with Ned Stark, the administrator of the northern state, at his home, Winterfell. He and his family – Catelyn's wife; sons, Robb, Rickon and Bran; daughter of Chance and Arya; and oh, the piglet, Jon Snow – they live relatively quietly until they get a visit from Ned's old friend Robert Baratheon, now the king. Ned agrees that he will become the king's hand, some kind of festive vice-president, and travels south with some of his family. Things do not go so well, he loses his head and the family is scattered.

Disgruntled by his origins, Jon Snow joined and soon became the head of the Night Guard. Think of them as a combination of border patrol agents and celibate monks who are guard at a wall that runs north of Westeros and does not hold Wildlings, a sharp nation that does not recognize the kings and princes of Westeros. After all, Night's Watch and Wildlings combined forces against something much more terrible: The Night King and his White Walkers, an army of frozen undead, who, when last seen, fell through the wall.

By the age of eight, the others survived Starki: A chance, which turned from horrible engagement to horrible marriages and now became the sweetheart of Winterfella; Arya who survived on the run and picked up some deadly skills along the way; and disabled, Bran, a man with a mystical vision.

Game of Thrones


A famously obsessed family that you love to hate. The two Cersei and Jamie were lovers since they were a baby, and they became not so proud of Joffrey's parents, who were briefly king, and two others, none of whom survived the show.

Cersei was married to King Robert Baratheon and remained in the capital of King's Landing.

The youngest and most witty brother of Lannister, Tyrion, a dwarf, is a black sheep in the family. It seems that his sister still blames the death of their mother while she was born. After killing his father and escaping Kings Landing, Tyrion finds another act like a hand to a different queen, Daenerys from …

Game of Thrones

House Targaryen

Targaryen ruled Westeros before they were taken by Robert Baratheon, Ned Stark and others. Daenerys, the only surviving member of the family, was more or less sold into a law with Dothrake leader Khalal Drog (later killed). Receives an interesting wedding gift: Three Eggs of the Dragon. Before they came out and made it for the "Mother of the Dragons", Dothraki queen learned that she could stand close to the fire correction, she could stand in the fire without burning.

Daenerys decides to sail across the narrow sea and assimilate the iron throne that her father and king have. He also had a predisposition to the fire, although it was more in the burning of people.

Her brother Rhaegar is also key to the story of the alleged kidnapping of sister Ned Stark, Lyanna, before he and his family were killed.

Game of Thrones


George R.R. Martin created a world that is invented, but it feels somewhat real. It's like a blend of feudal England and Tolkien's Middle Earth with a healthy dose of sex, violence, contempt, gripping power, more sex, more violence and full of frontal nudity.

Some other important sites:

Dragonstone: the former home of the house Targaryen, the island where the dragons from the past lived with their families.

Essos: A continent that lies across the narrow sea from Westeros. In the beginning, they hid the Daenerys and where the Dothraki equestrian walked.

Braavos: a free city in Essos, the home of the Iron Bank – to which Lannisters owe some gold. Also, the home of impersonal – religious types and murderers, who worship God with great death, and collect the faces of the dead from all over the world. Arya came through the species.

Iron islands: the home of the navy fleet of warriors led by the house Greyjoy, who was the son of Theon in the stork's department, and since then has experienced some difficult times.


As it approaches the last season, the three houses have pledged to unite their armies – along with wild game – to fight against their common enemy: White Walkers.

Zombie-like creatures have broken through the wall and now they are one of the Daeneri dragons among their species.

Game of Thrones

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