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Murder Sarah Fox: Body, hint, "psychic" suspect Dimitry Sheinman


Although the campus is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Juilliard College looks like a small village in a lively city.

With less than a thousand students at all times and the reputation of the world's top art school, acceptance is highly competitive.

Small, intense classes mean that students quickly establish close ties with each other, and the disappearance of Sarah Fox in 2004 has disturbed everyone at school in 2004.

Fox left her apartment one day to go to nearby Inwood Hill Park and never returned. Students in Julliard took a lot of effort with the police; managing telephone lines, searching for parks and nearby areas. Six days after Sarah Fox first disappeared, one of the searchers made a horrifying discovery.

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Her naked body was found in a secluded forested area of ​​the park, partially dismantled. She was strangled, then asked what the police described as "ritualistic" position. Her body was surrounded by branches of trees and twelve yellow tulips that are evenly distributed around the circle.

Chillingly, a botanist summoned to the crime scene, examined one of the tulip leaves and stated that he was selected between 24-48 hours prior to the discovery of Fox's body and came from elsewhere in the park.

Her advanced decommissioning meant Fox was probably murdered in hours after leaving home, and the killer later returned to the crime scene to lay flowers.

Actress Gillian Jacobs was then a student at Julliard, when she disappeared, she was a friend of Sarah Fox.

"In Juilliard you've been assigned a colleague who is a child in a class under a mentor, and she was my colleague," explained Marc Maron during a 2013 interview with Jacobs.

"She was just one of those magical people that everyone liked, and they all had a story about: for some time she was kind to them, or said something or gave them a card in blue. And her boyfriend was over two classes, and they all loved him too. It was terrible. "

Jacobs helped find the effort, controlling the phones until the news of Fox's death was broken with her in the most passionate way imaginable.

"I answered the phones in the telephone office and this reporter called and said:" They found their bodies. He's dead, at the end, they found her naked at the bottom of the hole, or do you have any comment? «

"So I found that they found my body."

media_cameraUnsorted photo by juilliard student Sarah Fox.


The nature of the crime shocked the locals. Inwood Hill Park was a bit lonely in the area, but it's considered safe. The neighborhood had a low crime rate for Manhattan, and the outback park was a popular place for joggers and pes walkers. There have been problems in the past, which makes many people contact detectives and suggest an obvious suspect.

Dimitry Sheinman, 39, greatly impressed on his habit of stalking a park with his twisting dog with twine. Sheinman would routinely encounter fights with other dog hawks who argued that his dog was allowed to walk freely.

The police brought Sheinman to the hearing and was shocked by what he revealed.

He claimed that he had sudden psychological visions of the entire course of the murders, Sheinman dealt with the details of a crime that was not disclosed to the public, for example, a stick between Fox's leg and one of her ribs that had been broken. He also knew the location where the body was found and explained how the killer decided to make a city because of the noise in the vicinity of machines that drowned her screams.

Not surprisingly, police officers thought they had their own man and took a DNA sample. Despite being impertinent, Sheinman could not physically connect with murder and was relaxed. The police kept him under surveillance, during which time he was arrested for hitting another dog in his face in the same park.

Sheinman was two months in jail for the attack, and after releasing he moved to Cape Town in South Africa. The police lost the main suspect, and the case soon went cold.

media_cameraThe investigator seeks hints at the scene of the crime at the time of Sarah's death.


Sheinman obviously believes in her innocence.

In 2012, he returned to New York City and a press conference on the stairs of the 34th station Precinct, in the same place where he was initially interrogated. In the eight years that passed, Sheinman lent his self-produced clairvoyant skills and claimed that she had additional information about Fox's murder: "Information obtained through the use of sensory perception with the help of other clairvoyants indicating a potential killer."

The police again rejected Sheinman's claims and returned to South Africa.

In 2014, he gave a truly bizarre conversation New York Post, in which he claimed that he was now in constant contact with Fox, who he said was angry because of the guilt surrounding false accusations. He invited Post the rapporteur in his house in Cape Town, and showed them the sanctuary that he built: a table that was arranged with candles, animal figures and a photograph of Sarah Fox under the glass plate.

Shinman claims to speak to Fox through this shrine.

"Do you know when people ask:" Does he communicate with you? "Of course it is," tells the journalist.

"Who else would you communicate with?"

After the display Publication rapporteur photo of a "real killer" – "Sarah wants the blood of his man", explains, – things become even more strange.

"Sometimes I walk and wink me, you know. And she knows," I know exactly what you are doing and I love you. "

"She just looked at me and did a lot of faces. She knows what's going on. I can not talk to her, but she knows exactly what's going on."


From year New York Post interview, Sheinman changed his name to Victor and wrote and authored the book about the murder of Sarah Fox and the investigation.

The book describes in detail his police interrogation in a third person and includes his explanation of how his psychic visions began to be dealt with.

Sarah Fox's name changes to Tara Wolfe.

"Victor had a strange feeling of clinging to the appropriate segment of the reality that was there, at the depth of the park. There were a few clicks." He staggered, staring somewhere in the direction of the bridge and chattering his chin. "

It explains in detail the whereabouts of the murder and how it happened. This causes the thrill of reading, with strikes like "Victor watched in a slow motion with a fist who caught the female rib cage and then suffered severe pain from a blow!"; "Victor was transported to the place of murder, which was suspended from the top, watching the nightmare that was taking place below".

The most disturbing is everything he wrote: "Fortunately, the mechanism by which Victor was prevented from seeing the whole terrible process of change caused by Tarina's meat, blurted the worst. He did not want to know what he was doing" f * ck. "There was no need for it! The discovery of a being that has now shifted to pure survival, Viktor perceived that standing at the entrance to the darkest room that can be imagined over which threshold lies each mental illness belongs to this holiness, which leads to sadism. The killer became a perishable gorilla of a similar form, suddenly moved his head in this way, or to quickly pull, while trying to get into the sludge. "


These days, Shinman still lives in Cape Town with his wife and two children. He started a religion called The Power, and maintains a website named Vir Sheinman. From this site offers "healing" and other clairvoyance services, including those in which "Victor can tell if there is a damaged part of the technology and where", which is why "because even artificial machines, including non-mechanical items , simple souls, essentially want to be functional, well-lubricated or at least not to be broken. "

While such services are largely innocuous, it seems that faith is a powerful misleading one. Victor Sheinman is also called "The One", "True Messiah" or "Old Victor", and beliefs are largely incomprehensible. It seems that the main principle revolves around Victor's ability to bring the bodies of suffering "to become the most compassionate creatures".

The above-mentioned book acts as the main file for Power and slips out of the case of murder on its journey to South Africa and the creation of power when "Victor accepted his responsibility along with his fate."

FOX's MURDER remains unchanged

While in New York, the murder of Sarah Fox is now cold, remains unresolved for 14 years.

Sheinman remains the number one suspect, and although she was subjected to forensic testing and testing of two other men in 2013, these tests also lead to death targets.

The last update was two years ago when Lt David Nilsen, the NYPD Cold Case team, gave an interesting offer Daily News, after they discovered that they had another suspect, who also moved abroad. He claimed that this suspect was not Sheinman.

"It may not be a complete foreigner," he explained.

"For all we know, someone who has had a past relationship with many, many years before. Some people never forget."

Nathan Jolly is a writer at Sydney, specializing in pop culture, musical history, real crime and real romance. Follow him on Twitter @nathanjolly

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