LIST: Apple's competitors in streaming


Apple is expected to take on streaming competitors, such as Netflix and Amazon, as Hollywood giants Disney and WarnerMedia also move into space.

Here is a brief overview of the key players in the market.


Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčundisputed leader in streaming television with about 140 million payable subscribers in 190 countries and territories and hit shows such as The Crown, House of Cards, and Stranger Things.

Netflix has gained popularity with "catalog" broadcasts and films from Hollywood and television studios, but has invested heavily in its own content in recent years. According to analysts, it can be vulnerable if it loses access to these exhibitions because it has no other revenue from services or products for subsidizing flow.


In 2018, Hulu completed approximately 25 million US subscribers for various streaming plans, some of which are supported by ads.

This represented a nearly 50% increase in services provided by large television and film studios in 2008 to compete with Netflix.

Hulu followed Netflix's original performances, including "The Handkaid's" Tale "and" Castle Rock ".

The big question is how Hulu will be affected by the impact on the media industry. Disney is now the owner of a 60 percent stake in Hulua in agreement with the 21st Century Fox, with Comcast's NBCUniversal 30% and AT & T's WarnerMedia 10%.

As each of these companies moves into their own streaming services, Hulu's future is uncertain.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon does not disclose the number of Prime Video subscribers, but it can be used by 100 million members in more than a dozen countries.

Like Netflix, Amazon can lose content from studio libraries in the coming years, but also has its original performances and films, including Oscars' Manchester by the Sea.

Amazon may be less susceptible to new competition, as its income base stems from a broader database of services than streaming.

Disney +

Walt Disney Company will now be the largest powerhouse in the world of media and entertainment content.

Disney will have as much as 40% of US cash transfers after merging the 21st Century Fox business with its own studio and ABC television program, giving it a large library that includes the Star Wars and Superhero Marvel franchises.

Some analysts predict that Disney can grow globally to be able to compete with Netflix or overtake it in a few years, but switching to streaming means a departure from its long-standing business model.


The telecom giant AT & T took over Time Warner's media-entertainment giant and renamed it to WarnerMedia, with the intention of moving into streaming with rich content content from Warner Bros, premium HBO channels and Turner broadcasts.

This service, which will start in 2019, will have rights to hits, such as HBO. "Game of Thrones", but still need to see how many Time Warner catalogs – including shows such as "Friends" and Loony Tunes cartoons – will be taken back by competitors such as Netflix and Amazon.


Comcast's media and entertainment department, NBCUniversal, said it will start running streamed services supported by the ad in 2020.

The group, which has a Universal Studios library and the NBC broadcasting network, will argue that viewers will opt for a free or reduced service with ads instead of paying $ 10 to $ 15.

This model – which can also be adopted by WarnerMedia or Disney – could encourage a new market for "targeted" or targeted ads based on viewers' data in the same way as Google and Facebook.


CBS already has an independent streaming service for its own television programs, and the other for the Showtime premium program.

Others, such as Viacom, Paramount and Starz, may be looking for a way to get on the market, but they can face the challenges of consumers who are overloaded with the number of subscription services.


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