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Launching a rocket to the space station today can be seen on the east coast of the United States!

This visibility map highlights regions where the NG-11 momentum from the Wallops Island in Virginia, which starts at 16:46, will be the easiest to see. EDT (0846 GMT).

(Figure: © NASA's Wallops Flight Facility)

Today (April 17th) there is a rare opportunity to watch the east coast of the United States: Northrop Grumman Corp.'s Antares rocket will start day by day from Pad-0A at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

They usually shoot from Wallop in the early hours of the morning. But, with this launch, everyone hopes to see the start will not have to wake up early caught, as The missile will be launched by the spacecraft Cygnus to the International Space Station at 16:46. EDT (0846 GMT).

However, more people are inclined to watch at 4:46 am. starting at 4:46 pm, sunlight will be even more difficult to detect for anyone who is far away. Instead of the bright black sky line, which is very easy to observe, the viewers will try to spot a rocket on a bright background.

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Nevertheless, there are potential opportunities for watching to launch as far away as New York. People near the Wallops in Virginia and southern Maryland will have the best view, followed by those in Delaware, northern Maryland and eastern Virginia. While cloud and daylight may cause the startup to be difficult to see, the event can be seen along the east coast of the United States.

Anyone in this region can catch the launch from NASA's Visitors Center Wallops, which will be open at 12am today. NASA has provided guidelines here which shows you how to view the start from the visitor center. Additional public viewing areas will appear in the Robert Reed Park on Chincoteague and Beach Road, which extends between Chincoteague and the Assateague Islands. However, the beach on Assateague National National Seashore / Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge will not be opened during the launch.

If you are not near Virginia or in the observation area, you can also observe a rocket lift live at, with the permission of NASA Television. In addition, will be online broadcast live broadcast on Facebook. Startup coverage will start at 16:15. EDT (08:15 GMT). No matter how you watch the launch, you can find more information about the experience and participate, including listening to live audio counting, on Mission Center Mission Wallops.

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