Jose Mourinho welcomes the new "fool" Man Utd after playing in Barcelona


Jose Mourinho impressed Scott McTominay as Manchester's new "fool".

Comments were made when United lost 1-0 in Barcelona at Old Trafford in the Champions League.

Scott McTominay as the main destroyer of the United States? Four things to know …

  1. In the 2016-17 season, McTominay reached its breakthrough on United under Mourinho.
  2. Then in all appearances in the 23 seasons competitions, which was sometimes started in favor of Paul Pogba.
  3. Such was Mourinh's commitment to the player, but McTominay is still largely associated with the Mourinho period at the club.
  4. Against Barcelona, ​​the Scottish international competition brought great praise for coming up against them, such as Ivan Rakitic and Lionel Messi.

Mourinho raised famously McTominay, which he apparently played outwards against other United Associates.

In any case, Scott demonstrates his value in his own right, and in the loss of 1-0, he has starred against Barcelona.

"Barcelona was not Barcelona yesterday," Mourinho told RT. "I think United had one player who was responsible for this, because I think that Scott McTominay played in the middle in the middle of what I called – but when I use this term, it's obviously in the perfect positive sense of the word. He was a mad dog.

No one is afraid. Saying his respect. A huge compression area is pressed with a huge amount of motion very strongly. Increase and create problems in Barcelona, ​​and then really aggressive at the match. «

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"The 1-0 result is a missed opportunity for both clubs" – Mourinho

On the importance of the score 1-0, Mourinho said: "I think there was a missed opportunity for both. I think they were not good. Both. So, if one were better, probably in the case of Barcelona, ​​they could have killed a tie. What was not, because 1-0 was open.


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