Monday , January 18 2021

It even calls on men to stop brutally treating women and children after an EC man allegedly broke into a family

Police Minister Bheki Cele.

Police Minister Bheki Cele.

  • Police Minister Bheki Cele called on men to stop violence and violations against women and children.
  • He says the police are responsible for arresting the perpetrators and dealing with the law.
  • He reacted to the murder of a mother and her five children in the Eastern Cape, who were stabbed to death with an ax.

Police Minister Bheki Cele called on men to stop violence against women and children after a man from eastern Cape allegedly broke his wife and five children with an ax.

According to police, the 34-year-old has since been arrested.

“Police are responsible for ensuring that those who commit such horrific acts are arrested and dealt with by the laws of that country,” Cele said in a statement.

“But such arrests come only after the fact, and in many cases after lives have been destroyed and lost. So, I call on men, I urge you all to stop the brutalization and violation of women and children … it’s that simple.”

A 42-year-old woman and her children, aged six months to 10 years, were attacked with an ax, which authorities believe is the same weapon they found at the crime scene.

“Police then uncovered their network to find the husband of the deceased mother, whom detectives believed could help with their investigations. Within 24 hours of the horrific crime, police arrested a husband, a Zimbabwean citizen,” a police spokesman said. Lirandzu Themba.

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The man was allegedly hiding at the time of his arrest and was preparing to flee the country.

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