Monday , April 19 2021

“I thought we were going to die” – a United Airlines flight has a fire engine failure

  • The United Airlines plane had an engine failure over Denver.
  • The Boeing 777-200 dumped the waste on the ground.
  • The passengers were shocked, but the plane landed safely.

United Airlines was hit by a fire engine shortly after takeoff from Denver en route to Hawaii on Saturday, causing huge debris to be dumped in a residential area before a safe landing.

“On flight UA328 from Denver, Honolulu, there was an engine failure shortly after departure that returned safely to Denver and was preemptively awaited by emergency crews,” United said on Twitter.

“No injuries were reported on board,” he added.

The safe landing came despite a failed engine whose images were taken and posted on Twitter.

Video from the plane showed the right engine burning and swaying on the wing of a Boeing 777-200, and its hood was completely missing as the plane flew over the barren landscape.

“I can honestly say I thought we were going to die someday – because we started falling altitude right after the explosion,” passenger David Delucia of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, told the Denver Post.

“I took my wife’s hand and said, ‘We’re done.'”

Residents photograph the waste that fell with Ona

Residents are photographing debris dropped from the engine of a United Airlines plane near Broomfield, near Denver, Colorado.

Delucia said his stepdaughter posted an online video taken by another passenger.

Meanwhile, residents of a Denver suburb of Broomfield found large pieces of a plane scattered throughout their community, including a giant circular piece of metal that landed in the backyard.

Kirby Klements, on whose lawn a giant ring landed, told CNN “it was a little huge.”

“He landed squarely on my truck and fell,” he said, reporting that a separate large piece of rubble put a five-foot (1.5-foot) hole in a neighbor’s roof.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it was “aware of reports of dirt near the aircraft’s route” and added that the incident would be investigated by the agency and the National Transportation Safety Board.

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