Hilaria Baldwin shares how she faces abortion


Hilaria Baldwin, children


Hilaria Baldwin she seeks a balance with her blessings.

Earlier this week, the famous yogi and mother of four are Alec Baldwin confirmed the sad news that she suspected: she had an abortion. "Today in my scan there was no heartbeat … so it's over …", Baldwin showed on Tuesday, along with a photo of his four children and a celebrity husband. "But here I have some quite powerful and surprising heartbeats. I am surrounded with such love and I feel so happy."

Now, as it moves forward, the star faces a loss by focusing on joy.

"When dealing with loss or difficult time, it is important that you are present for your emotions and processes, but also look at the prospects and joyful moments," she wrote to her companions in social media along with a picture of herself and her son Rafael in the pool.

"This photo, which my friend sent me now, was shot three years ago. This is Rafa. Leonardo, and Carmen is on the right, "she explained, shooting at her back." Calm, happy, full of love. "

The star continued: "When I'm sad, I like to remember that sadness is like a season. I love to look at my blessings, my happiness and I always remember that I have so many good times to look forward. The balance of sitting is sad, because it does not we want to push out and not turn to him … but also not let the cloud make such a wonderful life. "

A famous mom finished with the message with everyone who read.

"If you feel cloudy and down, go … our communities can remind us that it is also the sun," she said. "Lastly, here we built a wonderful community … in the comments a lot of wonderful interactions happened … so if you need support, please interact. [an] The angel will take your hand here. "


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