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Guide to the enemy for football competitions


Every sport has a lot of rivalries. In fact, they form the heart of sport: without an enemy, how can you have heroes?

The month of March and April shows a series of the biggest football club competitions among the best leagues in Europe and North America, and every weekend is full of horrific matches. And with these competitions, there are no seating on the fence: you have to choose a page.

Here is a guide that will guide you to these upcoming encounters where pride is often the greatest and best trophy.

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Tottenham v Arsenal | Lazio v AS Roma
Real Madrid vs. Real Madrid Barcelona | Benfica v Porto | Everton vs. Everton Liverpool
Monterrey v Tigres Chivas and Club America
Panathinaikos v Olympiakos | Milan vs. Inter
PSG v Marseille Vancouver and Seattle
Celtic v Rangers Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund
Fenerbahce v Galatasaray | Man United v Man City
Borussia Dortmund v Schalke 04

Name of rivalry: North London Derby

Year began rivalry: 1896

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): Game 197, Arsenal 82 wins, 51 draw, 64 losses

Tottenham's biggest thief: Sol Campbell was home to Tottenham, a local boy who became captain, but when he went to Arsenal to win the trophy in 2001, he crossed the gap and became an enemy of Spurs.

Arsenal's greatest thief: Spurs fans call Harry Kane "one of our", but fans of Arsenal did not forgive the striker because he played for the enemy after he was dressed as a young man with a set of artillerymen.

A story that best explains rivalry: Arsenal was once Woolwich Arsenal, which was based south of the Thames River, but in 1913 they broke into the northern London meadow of Tottenham to spark rivalries.

Why should we look at this issue: It may not stop hours throughout the country, but this is the biggest game in London every season. – Mark Ogden

Name of rivalry: Derby della Capitale

Year began rivalry: 1929

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): They play 171, Roma win 65 wins, 61 draw, 45 losses

Levi's greatest criminal: Who else but the king of Rome, Francesco Totti? The best shooter in this rivalry has reached the brand in a humiliating 5-1 win over Lazi and has been preparing t-shirts with provocative slogans like "I've cleared you again" and "Play more" to be mocked in celebration.

Roma's greatest criminal: This is the overthrow of Giorgio Chinaglia and Paolo Di Cania. Two of them are Lacija's heroes, not just for scoring goals against Roma but celebrating them under Curva Sud, where rivals stand. Photo of Chinaglia in March 1974 is one of the most iconic in Italian football.

A story that best explains rivalry: In 2006, coach Lazio Delio Rossi promised to sink into the fountain Gianicolo if his team wins the derby. Rossi kept the word, even though Roma supporters did everything a week to ensure a high concentration of urine.

Why should we look at this issue: Two want to qualify for the Champions League at the expense of others. This could be the last Daniele De Rossi. This is the chance to see Nicolo Zaniolo, a boy whom the Roma media have proclaimed as "new Totte" and Sergei Milinković Savica, who was the best young player in the league last year. Zaniolo took his coat. – James Horncastle

Name of rivalry: El Clasico

Year began rivalry: 1902

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): He played 240, Real led 95 wins, 51 undecided, 94 losses

Real Madrid's greatest criminal: Since joining Barca in 2014, Luis Suarez has particularly upset Madrid with his mixture of physical combat and playful play when they meet. Hat trick in Uruguay with a mid-attack in Barcina defeats 5-1 at the league championship last year Clasico in the Nou camp they also harm everything at Bernabeu.

The biggest crime in Barcelona: The five red cards by Sergia Ramos at the match are a Clasico record, with Blancos The captain, who symbolizes the aggressive approach of his side, often tried to stop Barca talisman Lionel Messi, who has his usual influence on the games.

A story that best explains rivalry: The head of the pig that he threw from Camp Nou stands at the then Real Madrid striker, Luis Figu, and in November 2002 remains a colorful symbol of how Barca was upset when the Portuguese moved the Clasico division two years earlier. It is not surprising that no player has ever made any moves since then.

Why should we look at this issue: Barca's light victory in October showed its clear superiority at that time, but Madrid has improved considerably since then. Who comes to the top in Bernabeu, will go far to decide which side has a better campaign 2018-19. – Dermot Corrigan

Name of rivalry: O Classico

Year began rivalry: 1912

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): Played 234, Porto led 91 wins, 58 draw, 85 losses

Benfica's biggest thief: Jorge Nino Pinto da Costa is the longest club president in world football. The author took over in April 1982, when he began working in Porto in the late 1950s, and took the initiative of the initiative from the Portuguese capital – and the home town of Benfica – Lisbon. He once said that the trophy won by Porto was worth at least twice as much as won by the Lisbon side. Pinto da Costa is a charismatic, often very controversial figure and is regarded as an architect of modern success in Porto.

The biggest crime in Porto: With 17 goals, no one in this game was as fruitful as the legend of Benfica Jose Aguas, who had an exceptional record in the club in the 1950s and 1960s. He won five league titles and seven domestic clubs for the club, but Port's barely managed to get him.

A story that best explains rivalry: Aguac's son, Rui, was a free agent for Benfico in his father's mold, when he became one of the few who crossed the gap in 1988. He spent two years in Porto and although he returned to Benfico and picked it up. where he finished, he claims that many fans of the Lisbon club never fired him to go to the first place.

Why should we look at this issue: Because they are a pair of neck and neck at the top of the Premier League, Benfica is desperate to return the title Porto took from last season. You should be spicy. Nick Ames

Name of rivalry: Mersysyside Derby

Year began rivalry: 1894

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): He played 232, Liverpool won 93 wins, 73 undecided, 66 losses

Everton's biggest thief: Robbie Fowler was a young bluebird Evertonian, but he signed a contract for Liverpool and tortured a childhood club, earning him endless abuses.

The biggest thief in Liverpool: Former Everton manager David Moyes angered Liverpool fans when he claimed that his team, "People's Club," a proposal that continues to stir Liverpool for nearly 20 years.

A story that best explains rivalry: This is deeply entrenched, but Anfield was originally the home town of Everton. Liverpool moved in 1892 and became the dominant team in the city.

Why should we look at this issue: Everton is desperate to eliminate Liverpool's title bid and defeat neighbors for the first time since 2010. – Mark Ogden

Name of rivalry: Clasico Regiomontano or Clasico Regio

Year began rivalry: 1960

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): 117 games were played, Tigres 43 victories, 33 draw and 40 losses, with one interrupted game

Monterrey's greatest criminal: The French striker Andre-Pierre Gignac opposed four times Rayados in the glorious 6-1 defeat of the two legs of the Quarterfinals of the Clausure 2017, but this is more that he represented in terms of the fluctuation of the pendulum of rivalry in favor of Tigres. Gignac moved from Marseille in the summer of 2015 and Tigre has developed in three League MX titles already in the period of domination, which will be ranked in history. Most importantly, these championships have raised Tigers to six titles, two more than Monterrey.

Tigres' biggest thief: Do not mention Mario de Souza Mota for lovers of a certain age. There is no player in history clasico has more goals (11) than Brazil, who played for Monterrey between 1984 and 1992. "Bahia", as he is better known, did not only score against Tigres, but he caught some of the biggest. golazos Clasico Regio has ever seen them, and completed them with a glorious "aviation" celebration.

A story that best explains rivalry: 2017 Apertura Clasico Regio The Tigers won the finals in epic circumstances, but he also emphasized that the two richest clubs in Mexico and the deepest musts are still not part of the elite four league MXs that were taken over by the Mexican center.

Why should we look at this issue: The best two teams of the MX League will be on display, and this will be the first game between the two sides, as Tigres has gloriously raised the 2017 Aperture trophy in Monterrey's Estadio BBVA Bancomer. They both fight for the first place in the table. – Tom Marshall

Name of rivalry: Super Clasico, Clasico de Clasicos, Clasico Nacional

Year began rivalry: 1943

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): He played 231, Club America led 82 wins, 75 draw, 74 losses

Chivas's biggest thief: The cultivation of Cuauhtemoc Blanca in the infamous neighborhood of Tepito in Mexico City forged the skills that could only be performed on the streets, and the character that seemed to be the spirit of the club America itself. "Cuau" never missed a chance to shoot a shot at Chivas, as he expressed the hope that the club collapsed as he flouted the release in 2015.

The biggest rogue club of America: Salvador "Chava" Reyes: Chivas striker is the leading shooter Clasico Nacional a 13-goal game, and Reyes was an integral part of the famous "Campeonism" era of Chivas's history when the club won seven titles in less than nine years and over the years 1956-1965 prevailed over Club America. Reyes played an important role in establishing. parameters of rivalry and Chivas as a gigantic club.

A story that best explains rivalry: The story (whether 100% real or not) tells us that when media magnate Emilio Azcarraga bought the Mexico City Club of America in 1959, at the time of Chivas' campeonisimo, he stated that Las Aguilas I would have broken them by becoming "bad guys" and buying the best foreign talent. The seeds of rivalry between the luxury team of the capital with foreign stars and the provincial Guadalajara team with the Mexican policy were sown.

Why should we look at this issue: Chivas seems to be revitalized this season, while America expects it to have some of the championship. Both are in the ending, which is not always the case. – Tom Marshall

Name of rivalry: Derby of eternal enemies or the mother of all battles

Year began rivalry: 1927

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): Played 198, Olympiakos leads 80 wins, 68 draw, 50 losses

Panathanaikos's biggest thief: Journeyman ex-Blackburn striker Matt Derbyshire can make a little likely thief to work, but he became known as the "English killer" after being hit by a late winner away from home against the latter in 2010. He had done such a crushed blow The fans of Panatinaikos are then they tried to close the Olympiakos teams' bus.

The greatest criminal of Olympiakos: Dimitris Saravakos scored 16 goals in this match, more than anyone else, in the eighties and nineties with Panathinaikos. Without it, they may not have beaten their worst rivals in three titles.

A story that best explains rivalry: The tone was set in 1930 when Olympiakos fans brought green coffins – the colors of their rivals – in the derby in anticipation of victory and false funeral, but lost 8-2 and saw Panathinaikos supporters display their creations.

Why should we look at this issue: Olympiakos has lost two and has drawn two of the last four meetings and desperately wants to return to winning ways. This will also improve the frustrating season for the one who wins, while Olympiakos is left to the escaped PAOK leaders, while Panathinaikos is miles away. Nick Ames

Name of rivalry: Derby della Madonna

Year began rivalry: 1909

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): He played 222, Inter leads 79 wins, 67 draw, 76 losses

Milan's biggest thief: Peppino Prisco has been a legal adviser to Inter for many years and has been waving blue and black. Before his death, he complained that he would become a fan of Milan, so soon there will be less people on Earth. He said that the true fan of Inter was only 20 percent of his own team and 80 percent against Milan.

Inter is the biggest rogue: The word "Sheva" is almost onomatopoeic, because it completely captures the vibrations that send Inter spines. Milan legend Andriy Shevchenko is the best shooter in this rivalry, and his fingerprints are found in all the most painful moments in recent memories. Interests from a defeat of 6: 0 in 2001 to the goal that he eliminated from the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2003, which Milan would definitely win.

A story that best explains rivalry: Shortly after Inter won the league in 2007, Milan finished Liverpool in the Champions League final in Athens. Under the leadership of the city on an open bus, Milan's midfielder Massimo Ambrosini raised the flag, saying: "You can push Scudetto into your a–"

Why should we look at this issue: Choreographies of fans are always working Madonna an event that needs to be attended. They are some of the biggest and best in the world. Obviously, Mauro Icardi stepped headlong. Milan fans will be hoping that they will not have, because they have recently won winning victories and winners of time against them. For neutral, although it would be great to see RoboCop again raise Krzysztof Piatek in a duel among the most deadly attackers Serie A. – James Horncastle

Competition name: Le Classique

Year began rivalry: 1987

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): Played 95, PSG leads 41 wins, 22 draw, 32 losses

PSG's biggest criminal: Several players played for both clubs over the years, but Fabrice Fiorese, the average French striker, was never exempt from PSG ultras to replace the camp and leave from Paris in Marseille in the summer of 2004 after three seasons in the capital. When he returned to the Parc des Princes in the only season he stayed in Marseille, the Parisian ultras made a hell for his life.

The greatest criminal in Marseille: Marseille fans hate Neymar. In his first visit to the previous season, the Brazilian star was their goal. When they leaned him, they fluttered him, threw everything and everything and almost celebrated his sending, as they won.

A story that best explains rivalry: On April 5, 2015 PSG travels to Marseille. Parisian fans for safety reasons were not allowed to travel to Velodrom, but the PSG bus was attacked by some Marseille ultras. A golf ball, thrown by one of the attackers, broke one of the windows and almost hit Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the coach.

Why should we look at this issue: Antagonism and hatred between the two clubs and both fans are so great. It is also a soccer competition as social, economic and demographic. It is the capital against the second largest city in the country. Julien Laurens

Name of rivalry: Cascadia Derby. This is actually a tripartite competition involving teams in the Cascadia region, including Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps.

Year began rivalry: Considering the old North American football league, it started in 1974. It continued with the various leagues and started in the MLS since 2011.

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): Played 138, Seattle leads 66 wins, 50 draw, 22 losses

The greatest criminal in Vancouver: This is difficult, as many antlers of the sorcerers (Ozzie Alonso) or retired (Brad Evans, Dempsey) have gone. The crown was probably resting on Nicolas Lodeir, who scored Caps for four goals and five assists in eight championships.

The greatest criminal in Seattle: Kendall Waston probably ranked him on top of this list because he fought Clint Dempsey, and now he is in Cincinnati, so Fredy Montero got a sign. In 2009, he achieved MLS's first goal in the Sounders history and scored four goals in four matches against Vancouver. However, in 2017 he crossed the enemy lines when he was ready for Whitecaps for the Chinese side of Tianjin TEDA. In season 2: 1 he reached even an unforgettable pair. Following the 2018-19 campaign with Sporting CP, Montero returned to Vancouver and will again strive to torture his old team.

A story that best explains rivalry: The third game of the NASA season in 1980 saw Whitecaps defend the NASL champions but lost the first two games in action while Seattle won the first two. The regulation ended with 0-0, but in those days the decision was decided by shooting. Willie Johnston took home the winner of the Whitecaps match, then continued the flight and took the bench in Seattle and their manager, Bruce Rioch. It turned out that they had a history that goes back to the history of Scotland when it is assumed that Rioch retained more than its share of Scotland bonuses for World Cup players in 1978. Johnston later admitted that it was a "gesture" for Rioch.

Why should we look at this issue: The Whitecaps / Sounders meeting often does not attract the attention given by Timbers / Sounders, but it is certainly a passion. Whitecaps is engaged in a new renovation under the new manager, Marco Dos Santos. Sounders remains one of the favorites to finish at the Western Conference thanks to Stefan Frei, Lodeiro and Raul Ruidiaz, but Jordan Morris's return from injury will be another reason to watch. Jeff Carlisle

Name of rivalry: An old company

Year began rivalry: 1888

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): Played 415, Rangers leads 160 wins, 99 draw, 156 losses

Celtic biggest thief: Mo Johnston resigned from the Celtic re-signing agreement in 1989, instead of signing for Rangers, and became the first Roman Catholic to play for the Protestant club.

Rangers' greatest thief: As a player and as manager, Neil Lennon is a Celtic name that always opposes Rangers fans.

A story that best explains rivalry: The rivalry rooted in the religious split in Glasgow, beyond what is happening on the pitch.

Why should we look at this issue: This could be Rangers' last chance to stop the Celtic march on the eighth consecutive title. – Mark Ogden

Competition name: Der Klassiker, but "German." Clasico"

Year began rivalry: 1995 (approximately)

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): They play 120, Bayern leads 57 wins, 31 draw, 32 losses

Bayern's biggest thief: Andreas Moller. No one could be impressed by the Bavarians as a cultivated and flotter-coupled player who further agitated Bayern's support, so in 1997 he raised the European Cup in his own backyard (Munich Olympic Stadium) with Dortmund with Dortmund with Dortmund.

Dortmund's greatest criminal: Manuel Neuer. Bayer's guard is two rogues in one. Like the former Schalkeys ultra, it already marks a lot of hatred. The game for Bayern does not help.

A story that best explains rivalry: In the late 1990s, things got so hot, after Dortmund's ascent became a serious challenger to Bayern's hegemony, that Oliver Kahn was almost biting the ear of BVB Heik Herrlich during the game.

Why should we look at this issue: The next edition is likely to determine the title of the Bundesliga. Dortmund's victory in 3-2 autumn was a stunning thriller of top quality that announced the arrival of manager Lucien Favre as a serious competitor. Bayern has since created a lot of space, but if Dortmund can escape from Allianz Arena unharmed, it could be the first league title since 2012. – Raphael Honigstein

Name of rivalry: Intercontinental Derby

Year began rivalry: 1909

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): Played 388, Fenerbahce leads 146 wins, 119 draw, 123 losses

Fenerbahce's biggest crime: Former Liverpool manager Graeme Souness was upset when, following Galatasaray's 1996 victory in the Turkish Cup final against his rivals on the enemy's grass, he placed the flag in the middle of the pitch.

Galatasaray's greatest criminal: Kemal Ataturk is hardly seen as a criminal at the national level, being known as the "father of modern Turkey", but he advocates Galatasaray that one of the most influential historical persons in their countries is generally recognized as a fan of Fener.

A story that best explains rivalry: The last team meeting in November showed how much this derby – which is often considered the most febrile in the world – means. Fener returned from two goals down to draw 2: 2, but this was an afterthought when a three-day battle broke out, involving players and staff, causing three red cards and five suspensions.

Why should we look at this issue: What happened in November will surely remain below the boundary below the surface, but there are several reasons to be interested. These two have become accustomed to struggling for top recognition, but this time it is merciless that this is the battle of the majors of downtime and of the hopes. Galatasaray has to turn to the leaders of Istanbul Basaksehir, while Fenerbahce, at the serious danger of a shameful fall to the second stage, hopes that the liked Victor Moses and Andre Ayew may turn their fate. Nick Ames

Name of rivalry: Manchester Derby

Year began rivalry: 1891

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): Played 177, Man United 73 wins, 52 draw, 52 losses

Man United's greatest criminal: Carlos Tevez left United in order to apply for City in 2009 and become a poster for the success of Sky Blues, which has achieved key goals and has engaged in verbal battles with its former United Teams.

Man City's greatest criminal: Man City fans walked for 25 years until the Association prevailed, and it was led by cheese Alex Ferguson, a man who mistakenly thought that the city in my life would not become top-class dogs.

A story that best explains rivalry: When United lost 5-1 to City in 1989, Ferguson later revealed that he had gone home and "pulled the coats over his head" for the rest of the weekend because of the pain in the defeat.

Why should we look at this issue: United fans hate Liverpool more than City, so if losing City means denying Liverpool the title of Premier League, Reds can become Blues in just one night. – Mark Ogden

Competition name: The Revierderbyor Ruhr Derby

Year began rivalry: 1956 (approximately)

Complete head-to-head record (winning-lose): He played 153 matches, Schalke led 59 wins, 42 draw, 52 losses

Dortmund's greatest criminal: Andreas Moller. The 1990 World Cup winner moved from Dortmund to Schalke in 2000 and scored in the derby against his former club. No scammers were so cold.

Schalke's greatest criminal: Kevin Grosskreutz. In the years Jurgen Kloppa, the versatile midfielder routinely challenged Schalke's fans. "If I had a child to support Schalke, I would send him away," he said among other courtesy.

A story that best explains rivalry: There are so many of them. As a construction worker supporting Dortmund and lifting the BVB flag at the Veltins Arena in 2010, Jens Lehmann of the S04 became the first goalkeeper to score a goal in the history of the Bundesliga and earned 2: 2, or Friedel Rausch (Schalke) that the police dog bit him into the lower back, after the attacks of Dortmund supporters in 1969?

Why should we look at this issue: If this is the last derby on Signal Iduna Park, it would be fool to not get tired. Dortmund was 4-0 at the Royal Blues, Domenico Tedesco, but the visitors hit four times, including the equalizer at a time of deep injuries in order to achieve a minor miracle. The Derby Century was called the local media. – Raphael Honigstein

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