Great Event Next on Acer in New York – Photos


Acer hosted Next on Acer on April 11, 2019 in New York, where it took the opportunity to present its new laptops, desktops, displays and Chromebooks.

The event took place in Duggal Glasshouse and MyBroadband attended an event held by Acer South Africa.

After the introductory presentation of Acer's Executive Director Jason Chen, guests were invited to watch all the new hardware on the screen – and try it out for yourself.

To show you what happened on Next on Acer 2019, we've compiled photos from the event below.

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How does the computer hardware event happen? With a water taxi, of course.

The event took place in the Duggal glass house in New York.

You know that you created it as a brand when you have your own M & M.

The presentation of the event contained a series of updates and disclosed products.

After the presentation, all new Acer hardware were displayed.

At the event, Acer presented the modified versions of their Predator laptops, which had unique models.

Kevin Lancaster reports from New York as guest of Acer South Africa.

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