EOS First, TRON Second, Bitcoin Fifteen, Ripple Eighteen in China 11. Crypto scale


On March 22, China released the latest crypto scale. This is the 11th Crypto scale published by the China Center for the Development of Information and Industry (CCID). On this scale, EOS comes first, TRON (TRX) on the second, Ethereum (ETH) on the third, Bitcoin (BTC) on the Fifteen Ripple (XRP) in the eighth place. Tron (TRX) in February overtook Ethereum (ETH).

China's Center for Information and Development Industry (CCID) is starting to issue a crypto scale since May last year. EOS ranks first in June 2018.

11. Chinese crypto ranking

TRON, who took second place in the 10th edition of Crypto Ranking last month and is also in second place in the 11th edition.

While Bitcoin falls to the ranks ranked 15th. He was in tenth place at number 13.


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