Centurion Eden Hazard has completely led to lead a new era of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane


The Chelsea Star is approaching the milestone as the Captain of the Red Devils.

There is nothing ceremonial about the 100th Eden Hazard cap when Belgium on the GSP line on the outskirts of Nicosia in the second qualifying race for Euro 2020 moves towards Cyprus. Robert Martinez has to work.

Cyprus was the winner of the one-day matches against San Marino – he scored five missed goals – which means that at this early stage, Red Devils are lagging behind in group I. However, the ranking in the first place in the word meant that Belgium is expected at the top of this section is convincing. Under challenging conditions, a complex first challenge to resist Russia was overcome.

International events in March are overwhelmed with great danger for many managers of leading countries. Terrible schedules indicate that some players reach the country with a task, and some do not even reach it.

Martinez would have been justifiably concerned if he entered the initial qualifying rounds against the number of unavailable high Belgian players. Kevin De Bruyne was the main one among them, as his frustrating season, devastated by injuries, shows no signs of indulgence. There was no Romelu Lukaku, so he was the leader without two of his most important attackers.

Also excluded were Vincent Kompany, Axel Witsel – popular Martinez – and Thomas Meunier. Consider the impact of the loss of Mousa Dembela and the international retirement of Marouana Fellaini, and you may feel the danger of facing the situation.

If his country was indispensable, it would be Thursday night at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels. Perhaps the best Hazard performance ever was in the Belgian T-shirt at his 99th cap.

He participated in the opening goal for Yourija Tielemansa. He won and restructure the penalty to set Belgium 2-1 in the thrill of Thibaut Courtois when he allowed Denis Cheryshev to equalize. And it was at hand with a regulated left foot that the game would come late outside the reach of the Russians.

Any fears that Martinez could have had if he did not take three points out of the group's most challenging challenge, according to circumstances, was properly dispersed.

Eden Hazard Belgium 2019

This is the effect of the danger. The Belgian system does not depend on any individual, but is optimized for the Chelsea player. With his little brother Thorgan in the tandem on the left, he had the oldest Hazard support and the freedom he needed.

It was found in everything that Belgium created. His strokes were magnetic. Its delivery, mainly, is supreme. That was all that the manager would want from the captain in such a potentially dangerous game.

Hazard was the man who got up, acted and told those around him that I had it. This is the type of display that Belgium expected of the 28-year-old since Martinez became a permanent captain.

He is a player who succeeds in this responsibility; a man who was happy to take on this burden at the World Cup where Belgium had the best ever. And now, with 99 caps, Hazard is the case for those who come after him. Tielemans and Leander Dendoncker are two such players, entrusted to play the game against the Russians and lead through the captain.

It would not be unreasonable to say that Hazard for Belgium does what Lionel Messi did for Barcelona. He wears a ring, coordinates attacks, sees and does things that no one else can, inspires his peers around him because of his relationship and ability, and draws attention to fear.

And how exciting the chance is for them to imagine that they will move towards each other in the next season. The last time they met – in the last season of the Champions League – was a rinse from the Chelsea perspective.

In the last few seasons they were too inconsistent on the domestic and European fronts, as Hazard really stood out. He is at the peak of his strength and deserves his shot at the top.

It's no secret that Real Madrid is interested and – given their problems this season – it seems to have an open slot on the left side of its attack that Hazard could take.

Youri Tielemans Eden Hazard Belgium

It is high time that Hazard leaves Chelsea and reaches altitude on Santiago Bernabeu. His idol was Zinedine Zidane. He never hide the fact that someday he wants to play there.

According to the profile of Madrid, it may be the only way to get the recognition that is required for Ballon d'Or, for which one could compete one day.

Time is essential; it is amazing to think that Georges Leekens, the former Belgian manager, has replaced a non-compliant Hazard after one hour of qualifying matches against Turkey.

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The Veznik broke into the tunnel, left the stadium and – with the game that was still going on – was shown on a burger mix with his family. This led to a fierce debate in Belgium about Hazard's relationship and its impact.

Since he was in Lille, he has long been labeled for greatness, but he is only hot and cold for the national side. However, Hazard has grown and through the years proved that this early comparison with the Belgian legend Enzo Scifo was worth it.

And here we are with Hazard on the brink to become a centurion; in a serious game with the need for a result. When some players reach this limit, they are ready to graze. But not Hazard. It is even more to come and – frightening – could start.


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