Beresheet: An Israeli spacecraft has fallen due to a technical error


V series of tweets Friday, the $ 100 million spacecraft company said that its engineers believe that the technical error caused the main engine to shut down and later "prevent the slowdown of the spacecraft down".

The first technical problem of the spacecraft occurred at 14 kilometers (about 8.7 miles) above the moon, SpaceIL officials told. Beresheet then lost contact with the control room in Israel during the landing.

"At 150 meters when the connection with #Beresheet was lost, it was moving at a speed of 500 km / h, which resulted in an inevitable collision," the company said.

The engineers were able to restore communication with the spacecraft, but officials said it was too late – it was already moving to make it right.

Beresheet was the first privately funded mission in the moon. His name was the reference to the first words of the Bible in Hebrew, which means "At the beginning".

The spacecraft was released into space in February and went on a seven-week journey to reach the Moon. He circled the Earth several times before being "pushed" on the Moon, traveling about 4 million kilometers in the process.

But in the last moments he crashed before he made a soft, controlled landing on the moon.

The Israeli team tried to become the fourth national space agency to control the moon. Only teams from the US, the former Soviet Union and China did it.

If the Israeli team were successful, it would be the first private company to make a controlled landing with the smallest spacecraft and the smallest budget.

The Israeli private-funded mission is being extended

The former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, known for his monthly Apollo 11, sent a support message to the Beresheet group.

"Meeting of Ambassador Beresheet @TeamSpaceIL for what was almost there! The communication was lost by the vessel only 150 meters (!!!) above the surface, and it was not possible to completely hold the landing."

"Never lose hope – your hard work, teamwork and innovation are inspiring for everyone!"


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