Are the authorities afraid of Julius Maleme?


2019-03-25 05:00

A functioning, competent police service, which carried out its duties without fear or affection, would arrest Julius Mal's day after firing the rifle at the EFF rally, writes Adriaan

Almost nine
months after the EFF head Julius Malema was unlawfully shot from the rifle
At the stage of the EFF rally in the eastern cape, he must be arrested or indicted.

And nine
years after the announcement of City Press
The engineering company, which was partly owned by the Malema family, has been looting Limpopo
Malema has not yet faced corruption, money laundering
and fraud.

The state law enforcement agency (NPA) told a journalist Mandy Wiener last week
they are still waiting for the police to complete their investigations
In both cases, we can rightfully ask ourselves if the authorities are afraid to persecute

Malema, including the current company, has proven to be offended, abused and
threatening, even with death, in the public and on social media, if you dare
you doubt the self-styled "Supreme Commander" of South Africa
the third largest political party.

prosecutors and investigative officers responsible for shooting and punishment
Engineering cases were so scared that they would want to be supported by EFF
to "investigate" these cases for an indefinite period of time than to execute them
constitutional duty?

We were
here before.

decade, NPA and Hawks have told us that they are still "investigating"
an example of corruption in Bosasa, when it is now clear that they were only buying time
to avoid the fight against what was actually the leading ANC company.

How is it?
it is possible that SAPS still performs "sound" nine months later
analysis of the shooting incident before deciding on the Malema or. t
can not be taken?

the competent police service, which carried out its tasks without fear, or
Malema was given the day after the incident. The
The Firearms Control Act is clear: the criminal offense is to relieve firearms
in the public space.

The indecision about the point at the point is just as astounding. It can not be true
that NPA is still waiting for extraordinary police information.

he has already decided to charge Malem, his friend and owner of the On-Point Lesiba
Gwangwa and others in 2012 due to allegedly running a racket in Limpop
broadcasting the functions of the state infrastructure in their company.

Trust Ratanang is a partner in On-Point, using money from it
state projects to finance his blinging lifestyle, then as head of the ANC Youth League.

City Press
In 2010, it revealed that the roads and bridges to be determined were
At the point they were decaying and in terrible condition. At the same time, at the point
he received the R50m from the Limpopo Road Department to deliver the key
functions called "project management unit".

This unit
then signed agreements to conclude an agreement with the tenderers who gave a point
contracts awarded on behalf of the State. This is absolutely clear
the definition of what we now call the coverage of the state.

the information was publicly available for at least seven years and. t
the state had a definitive indictment when it went to court.

In 2015 it will
in the case against Malemi, Gwangwa and their co-defendants were removed
because of the delays of the prosecutor's office. One defendant was ill and NPA refused
to continue the proceedings in his absence.

fMalema even
lawsuit separately from others, but this was rejected
NPA, which led to the fact that the judge withdrew the case from the court's role.

It was
provisional measure and that the NPA has always planned to reintegrate the matter when it will. t
time was correct.

there is no exemption, it is not a judgment as determined by a judge. Case
has just been removed … the possibility is that the Directorate of Publicity
Competent enforcement (DPP) may contact the certification
to restore the matter, "Luvaio Mfak, spokesman for NPA, told reporters
at the time.

Four years
Later, NPA says it is still waiting for information from Hawks.

According to the statements
reports that advocate Shamila Batohi, the new NPA head, broke the whip,
require answers to delays in important corruption cases. I hope it will
One of the examples is at a point.

we know that justice must not only be done, but also seen.
Unfortunately, the inaction in Malem's cases creates the impression that he is
is above the law.

– Basson is the editor-in-chief of News24.


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