Ace Magashule gives women a R400 after viewing an empty refrigerator on the ANC route


ANC's door-to-door campaign before the election this weekend saw Ace Magashule General Secretary of the party in Philippine, Cape Town.

In a video recorded at one of the stops, "Magashule", a refrigerator opens in one of the homes that inspects its contents.

After closing the door he turns to the owner of the house and asks: "Is there no food here?"

"It's really bad, sir, very bad. We put the drug there. We can not get stuck and at the same time get sick," she responded.

Then he takes the money out of his pocket and gives it to the woman.

She is reviewing the notes given by Magashule, "exclaims:" Thank you, sir, I am very grateful to you. Yeww, ANC! A refrigerator with food from this money. I buy food … That's the R400, two R200 banknotes.


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